Exfoliating cleansing wipes?

Wipes? Again?
What is happening?

This is another case of

✨ About / info ✨

Sephora charcoal gentle exfoliating wipes:
Cleansing-and exfoliation wipes.
A combo that should remove your makeup and leave your skin feeling clean.

The wipes are two-sided with one side that’s more smooth and the other has more texture.

✨ Thoughts ✨

Did it remove makeup well?

I’ve used them on no-makeup-days and they do feel refreshing – but it’s not something I like using that much.

I feel that I’ve given wipes of different kind a good chance, but my opinion hasn’t changed.

I just don’t like wipes.
They feel a bit wasteful and I don’t like to rub my skin they way I feel needed to with wipes.

Seeing them as a exfoliating product is more accurate and for that purpose, they are fine.

✨ Rating ✨

I’ll give them 2
skulls out of 5.


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