Stockholm beauty week – 2021

30/9 – 1/10 two days filled with beauty and meeting amazing new people. I’m so glad I changed my mind and made the trip happen. 🙏🏼

After taking a early train to Stockholm I went to my hotel for the night and dropped of my bags. The expo was held at a location just 500 meters away. High-five on that! ✋

There was two floors with companies that presented their products and services. What else can a beauty-lover ask for? 🤷‍♀️ So many brands I either hadn’t heard of before or that I was just dying to hear more about.

A small part of floor one. 😍

It was so interesting to walk around, seeing, smelling and trying new products and brands as well as talking to the owners and/or employees.

On the first day I attended a press lunch held by Nordic natural beauty where we got to meet Jimmy Boyd Perfumer, a new brand that’s launched in Sweden. The owner/maker Jimmy was there and talked about the scents and the process behind them. We also got to hear some of his family history, he’s a third generation perfume maker. 🙌
Didn’t hurt that Jimmy himself was a very funny guy. 😅

And the scent.. Oh my!
They were incredible! 👌He talked about the story behind them and also that he decided to call the collection biorganic instead of “just natural because that doesn’t really say that much”. Having smelled them, everything he said about them made sense.

During these days I was fortunate enough to meet two lovely girls that I’ve got to know on Instagram. So lovely to meet them “in real life“. 🥰

Also, got to see a lot of products from RNW when I meet the lovely ladies from – so excited to try them out. I’ve read and heard a lot of positive reviews about the brand.

And now.. Let’s talk about the goodie bag!

Shortly after arriving at the expo I recived a big goodie bag. Didn’t look in it until I went back to the hotel and oh my looord, I let out a little scream of joy! (first picture below)

I also got some samples throughout the day (picture two) and another bag with goodies from Nova Concept and I was so happy to see the perfume samples! 😍

Thank you Stockholm Beautyweek for two awesome days! 🥰 I had a blast and can’t wait to get to know my new products more.

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A 30+ mom of two with a passion for skincare, makeup and beauty products in general. I'm sharing my thought, experiences and tips with the hope it'll help you on your skincare journey.

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