Azra botanical simplicity

All-natural skincare!

° Plant-based skincare
° High performing botanicals
° Let’s the power of nature provide the results
° Cruelty-free


• No-rinse hand cleanser.
The small amount of added peppermint essential oil gives that extra fresh feel to this product.
I’ve had this in my handbag as well as at my desk at work and really enjoy it!
Not drying at all!
Easy to use and beautiful to look at with all those bubbles!

• Soothing cleansing gel.
With ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, and grape seed oil – it’s suitable for all skin types.
Mild and gentle to the skin, has a thin texture.
Chamomile is not only a calming ingredient, it’s also used to relieve inflammatory skin making this cleanser suitable for more than just one skin type.

• All clean balm.
Gets rid of makeup, access oils, and SPF.
Blue Randy oil is used in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety, help with sleep, etc., and in skincare helps to clear congested pores.
This is the ingredient that gives the gorgeous blue color.
It’s interesting when aromatheraphy and skincare meet – more of that please!

• Super glow serum.
Vitamin C and licorice extract.
A serum that evens out the skin tones, is anti-inflammatory as well as helps with scars and dark spots.
Has a thin texture and absorbs well into the skin.
I appriciate it beeing in a black bottle, might just be in my head but it feels better to have products containing Vitamin C in dark packages.

• Intensive serum.
This serum is hydrating, skin strengthening, has anti-bacterial functions and has a focus on reducing pigmentation. Also a thin texture that slides onto the skin.
Takes some time to absorb but not too long.


I like that the products are plant-based and the textures are lovely.

The cleansing balm can leave a bit of a tacky feeling on the skin so I’d recomend using this as step one in a double cleansing routine.
No stinging in the eyes!

The only “negative” I have to say are about the scents.
I always struggle with the natural scents so this is nothing new, but yes.
That’s the only thing I didn’t like about them. 🤗

There’s always two types when it comes to scents.
Some of us like artificial scents and some want the products to be scent free or all natural.
If you’re the second of those, you’ll enjoy these products.

  • Products kindly gifted by the lovely Azra.

Whats your thought about plant-based skincare?
Have you tried anything from this or another brand before?

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