Empties from March

Empties from March,
let’s do this! 👇

👍 – good, but probably won’t repurchase.
👌 – love it!
🤏 – meeh..

Picture one:

• Emma S skincare moisturising facial mist. 👍
I’ve had this at my desk at work and it’s a lovely little “refresher” to use during the day.

• Garnier Super UV SPF 50. 👌
This is one of my favorite sunscreens and I’ll definitely repurchase it!

• Catrice hyaluronic boost serum. 👍
An amazing budget find for a hyaluronic serum that I’d definetly recommend you to try.

• L’Oréal Mythic oil. 👌
This oil is soo nice! Smells like a dream and leaves a silky smooth finish.

• Laneige water sleeping mask. 🤏
It’s pretty nice but not as hydrating as it’s made out to be. Wouldn’t recommend for those with dry skin.

• Lumene Matte oil control foundation. 👌
I’ve really loved this foundation and it’s great for oily skin!
But do I want to buy products from Lumene? Meeeh… 樂

• Rimmel lasting matte powder and Concealer. 👌
Both are really good and I’ve used them til the powder expired and the concealer broke. 😂

• Grace & Stella rose spray. 🤏
A nice spray with a..not so subtle scent.

• Skincity hydrating serum oil. 🤏
Having a hard time with it being a stick-formula BUT I’ve used it for my neck and decolletage.

• Grace & Stella Lash serum. 👍
Worked well and the packaging is gorgeous! Definetly saw improvement on my lashes.

• Essence Lash princess volume. 👌
This is my favourite one out of the different Lash princess mascaras I’ve tried. 

• Makeup Mekka face primer, hydrating. 🤏
Naah, not for me..

Picture two:

Cleared out some space in my shower as well.

• Soap and glory Clean on me shower gel. 👌
 The scent is amazing and I love that it’s a pump bottle. A really good one!

• L’Oréal 8 sec wonderwater👌
 This is worth all the hype it’s been getting! I really love it.

• Hairburst schampo for oily hair and scalp. 👍
 The scent of coconuts wins me over every time. 🥥 It’s lovely and the hair feels amazing.

• Monat volumizing schamp. 👌
 This really works and makes a difference. Not only does it provide volume, it also makes the hair last longer without it getting greasy. 😍

• Rituals foaming shower gel. 👍
 This scent is amazing, but I’ve grown tired of it. 😅

Conclusion : A good month that’s made space for new products to move it. 😉

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