Base of Sweden – a lifetime foundation review.

🍹 Are you going to a beach party this summer?
Maybe your looking for a foundation that could last through the whole party?

Base of Sweden 72h wear flawless waterproof matte finish.

πŸ‘† This is definetly it! πŸ‘†

Base of Sweden has made a waterproof foundation* that could last up to 72 h. It even comes with an instruction on how to use it and I can understand why.

It dries down quickly so once it’s on the skin, blend it out straight away! It can also be mixed with a moisturizer to get a lighter coverage and mixing it also means that it won’t dry down as fast.

✨ About: ✨

β€’ Matte finish
β€’ Water- and sweat proof
β€’ Contains vitamin E
β€’ Vegan and cruelty-free
β€’ Perfume free

✨ Thoughts: ✨

β€’ Not a cakey look at all!
The texture is heavy and can feel a little scary at first but it looks beautiful on the skin!

β€’ Going to the gym? No problem!
I’ve put this to the test. Applied it in the morning, went to work and then I went to the gym.
It was a sweaty workout and when I got home – my base still looked perfect. πŸ‘Œ That’s impressive!

β€’ No breakouts!
Heavy foundations can make my skin freak out but not this one.

β€’ Pricey but worth it.
I don’t know any other foundation that could do what this does. Stay tuned for an upcoming test when I try this in our pool. 😎

❓What’s your thoughts on
     long lasting foundations?

* Received in PR

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