Novembers empties, let’s review!

• Batiste Dry shampoo
Heavenly volume. 👍
When it comes to dry shampoo, Batiste is the best brand for my hair. Did it add volume? Naah…

• Makeup Mekka self-tan drops. 👍
Add a few drops to your moisturizer for a nice-looking tan. Works really well!

• Luceo face rescue cream. 👍
CBD is an ingredient my skin likes. Anti-inflammatory and calming – yaas, please!

• Makeup Mekka waterful no powder powder. 👍
Takes some getting used to since it feels wet when applied but it’s a nice powder. Repurchase? Probably not.

• L’Oréal salicylic acid shampoo. 👎
Had high hopes but this didn’t do anything for my oily scalp..

• Makeup Mekka niacinamide serum. 👌
Love this for my oily and acne-prone skin. Great price, highly recommend it!

• Aivira day cream & glow serum. 👍
Had these in full size and liked them. Both provide hydration and the serum leaves a healthy-looking glow.

• Revolution skincare avocado eye cream. 🤏
It’s okay with a nice texture but didn’t really do much.

• Skin treat multi-action face cleanser. 👌
One of my favorite cleansers this year! Lovely texture, great price, cleanses without stripping, and works well for my skin. Highly recommend!

Published by Hudochhy

A 30+ mom of two with a passion for skincare, makeup and beauty products in general. I'm sharing my thought, experiences and tips with the hope it'll help you on your skincare journey.

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