You know that feeling..

Can you relate? 🤣 After my last cleaning session with my beauty products, some had to go since they had expired.With makeup, I’m so that great at following the expiration but skincare – 100%! 🔎    Why? These two reasonsshould be enough: • Expired products don’t perform as they should.• Expired ingredients can be bad forContinue reading “You know that feeling..”

When you talk skincare with your non-skincareaddict friends..

“At least buy a good cleanser, moisturizer and SPF!” What’s the look on your friends faces when you start to talk about skincare? Most of mine are pretty sickof hearing about it. 😅 And if they say that they stilldon’t use SPF…. 🤯Well, Joe’s cage doesn’t sound too bad. A least then they’re not exposedContinue reading “When you talk skincare with your non-skincareaddict friends..”